Rsync's "skipping directory ." Error

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The solution

TL;DR: Add the -r flag for recursive.

This morning, before I got to drink my coffee, (and that explains it) I needed to synchronize a directory between my notebook and my desktop. I thought of Dropbox - that's exactly what I need. But since both are linux boxes, I was sure there'd be a native alternative and, of course, there is: rsync.

Now according to most examples in the manpages and tutorials on the net, I should run

notebook ><((("> rsync -az /my/local/dir/ workstation:/my/remote/dir

Notice 1) the trailing slash on the local dir and the lack thereof on the remote one, and 2) the workstation: prefix I have configured in my ~/.ssh/config for tunneling through two ssh connections.

I do remember from checking the -a flag that, amongst others, it does preserve group and owner, which I don't want given that I have different users on my laptop and workstation. So I just dropped it, and added -P for a progress meter:

notebook ><((("> rsync -Pz /my/local/dir/ workstation:/my/remote/dir

I was greeted by the following message and rsync returning with no error:

skipping directory .

Wow, what the heck!? Googling didn't lead any meaningful results either. After a few minutes of wondering, I realized -a also included the -r flag, for recursion. Not telling rsync to recurse into directories and then giving it only a directory to start with, it'll do nothing. Duh. So adding that flag results in the final, working incantation:

notebook ><((("> rsync -rPz /my/local/dir/ workstation:/my/remote/dir

A more understandable message, like specifically calling out the directory I passed as an argument, would've been more helpful.

Have a nice day!